Freelancer admin and finances, sorted. For free.

Bizzy brings your whole business and financial world into one place so that you know it’s all taken care of.

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Scope deliverables and quote.

Simply put your rates and estimates into Bizzy and we’ll generate a professional quote for you to send to your client. We’ll also track how many hours you’ve done, how much money you’ve made and what your expected income will be from each client.

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Earn and track.

Bizzy lets you connect your bank account. As you track your hours, you see how much money you are making and can predict your profits based on your monthly expenses.

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Invoicing. Sorted.

Bizzy makes it easy to generate invoices based on the hours you’ve tracked for each client and see which ones have been paid. When an invoice hasn’t been paid, Bizzy can send a ‘friendly reminder’ to your client.

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Accounting. Sorted.

The Bizzy Accounting Assistant makes sure that you never miss or stress about another tax return or VAT payment. We pull in data from your connected bank accounts and our trusty Accountants take care of the rest.

Peace of Mind. Sorted.

Knowing which financial products to put your money into as a freelancer is tricky. Bizzy helps you choose from Loans, Retirement Annuities and Savings options that are designed for income fluctuations. We even offer payment holidays for when you’re not billing.

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All your tools in one place.

Already using time tracking or accounting tools? No worries, our platform integrates seamlessly with these tools so that you can see everything in one place.

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“As a freelancer, you do a lot of jobs. You are a salesperson, a Finance Manager and a Marketer while delivering on projects”

Freelance Business Strategist

For Freelancers. By Freelancers.

The Bizzy team knows the freelance struggles because that’s how we work ourselves. We’re a group of technology and design freelancers who want to make admin easier so that you can focus on your work.

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